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Vol 1 Chuck Z discusses diet and training as well as nutrition and the Anafit Diet.

Vol 2
Chuck Z interviews Kara Bohigian and Craig Smith at the 2007 Arnold Classic.

Vol 3
Estrogen and Adiposity: the Vicious Cycle by Mac Rophage

Vol 4 Supplementation and Nutrition by Mac Rophage

Vol 5 Chuck Z interviews
powerlifting legend Mike Miller

Vol 6 Training with a Nitric Oxide supplement. 

Vol 7 Prolactin can ruin your day

Vol 8 An interview with Ethan Reeve

Vol 9 The Role of Nitric Oxide and Other Factors Influencing Vascular Health

Mike Miller
Forum Celebrity



Mike Miller
MMA Competitor
















Kara Bohigian-Smith
Forum Celebrity


Craig and Kara


1st Place
Figure Competitor
Amanda Victoria



Abby Huot
Miss Figure Universe







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Follow along with amateur and professional competitors as they log their training and diets in preparation for competitions around the world.


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